Sequência didática com Postcard

Recentemente fiz um curso da PUC em que deveria criar um “syllabus”.Esta palavra vem do inglês,e é traduzida como programa de estudos.Este nada mais é do que uma sequência didática a qual deve ser bem planejada pelo professor para que o estudante adquira a capacidade autônoma para desenvolver a leitura e compreensão de textos na língua inglesa.



The first stage involves encouraging learners to search about  the places give below. At the next stage they will make up their own postcard. At step 4 learners should ideally work in pairs or groups, but if they are not used to this they could work first as individuals, perhaps making up their postcard for homework, and then get together in groups to share ideas.

1st stage:

read the words bellow:

Person or Group


a family with young children

Jamaica, sporting

a retired couple

Zell am See, wandering

a single professional

Paris, city

a group of teenagers

Orlando, Disneyworld

a sporting club

Ibiza, beach resort


2nd stage:

Discussion about  the choices of the groups :who  ?,When ?,why?, where?  go to the places  chosen?

Your holiday plans


Group 1

Group 2

who is going



when and for how long






location and accomodation




3rd stage:

Explain some of the words and phrases which might cause difficulties just like retired couple for example.



4th stage-

Ask one or two questions to encourage students to think about the postcard. Thinking about the place and the person who is travelling, For example:

  • At what time they arrived there?
  • What did they do that?
  • What´s the weather  like?

Tell them to use as many of the ideas on the board as they can. The best thing is for them to work in pairs or groups and discuss their ideas. This will give them a lot of speaking practice.



5th stage: 

Tell them you are going to ask some of them to show their postcard to the class. Give them some time to prepare their postcard. Go round and listen as they work.

Engage the class in a discussion as to whose postcard is the most likely.




6th stage:

Language work: Ask for students underline the verbs in the past tense of the postcard bellow:





Explanation(verbs with –ed)

The past tense refers to things that happened in the past. To make the past tense of regular verbs, the ending -ed is added to the infinitive (‘I asked her a question’)

Other example:  Bake  Baked

                               Smile Smiled


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